Cheeseburger Challenge Results

2022 Cheeseburger Challenge Results Announced

2263 voters chose their favorites during 2022 Cheeseburger Week in Pasadena

Announcement is Culmination of Cheeseburger Week Celebration  

Pasadena celebrated all things cheeseburger during Cheeseburger Week January 23rd to 28th. Visitors enjoyed food created especially for the event, took advantage of great deals and meals, followed cheeseburger crawls and voted in the 2022 Cheeseburger Challenge. In all, 2263 people voted online in the challenge to determine favorites in 13 categories ranging from Favorite Burger to Favorite Dessert after a Burger.

Every restaurant is entered in the Favorite Restaurant for a Burger category. Each restaurant that opened in the previous 12 months is entered in the Favorite New Restaurant for a Burger category. Restaurants can then enter in three other categories in the 2022 Cheeseburger Challenge.

Thank you to all the restaurant participants and everyone who voted in this year’s Cheeseburger Challenge.

Congratulations to those named Favorites in these categories in the 2022 Cheeseburger Challenge:

Favorite Place to Go for a Burger


  1. Dog Haus/Dog Haus Biergarten: 27.5%
  2. Pie ‘n Burger: 26.9%
  3. Kings Row Gastropub  17.2%

Favorite Innovative Burger

  1. The Stand  28.5%
  2. Slater’s 50/50  18.3%
  3. Kings Row Gastropub 17.3%

Favorite Lunch Counter Burger:

  1. Pie ‘n Burger 42.2%
  2. The Counter The Counter  28.3%
  3. (tie) Rounds Premium Burgers/Twohey’s 8%

Favorite Traditional Cheeseburger

  1. Pie ‘n Burger 32.2%
  2. The Stand 30.5%
  3. Clearman’s Galley 12%

Favorite Sliders

  1. Dog Haus  36.3%
  2. Jake’s Trustworthy Burgers 24.2%
  3. Staler’s 50/50 16.8%

Favorite Gourmet Burger

  1. Dog Haus 29.3%
  2. The Stand 17.1%
  3. (Tie) Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar/The terrace at the Langham 10.9%

Favorite Alternative burger

  1. The Counter 28.2%
  2. El Portal/Yahaira’s 28.2%
  3. Fox’s 17.2%

Favorite Turkey Burger

  1. True Food Kitchen 39.1%
  2. Barney’s Beanery 24.9%
  3. Rounds Premium Burgers 23.8%

Favorite Sit-down/White Table Cloth Burger

  1. Smitty’s Grill  33.57%
  2. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar 24.9%
  3. Mi Piace 16.8%

Favorite New Pasadena Restaurant for a Burger

  1. Crave Cafe 20.18%
  2. Jake’s Trustworthy Burgers and Beet 16.59%
  3. Tardino Bros. Italian Kitchen 15.25%

Favorite Veggie/Vegan Burger

  1. (tie) Sage Vegan Bistro/True Food Kitchen 21.5%
  2. The Stand  20.7%
  3. Jake’s Trustworthy Burgers and Beer 17.9%

Favorite Dessert After a Burger

  1. Pie ‘n Burger 34.1%
  2. Stonefire Grill 18.5%
  3. Cindy’s 13.3%

Here are the participants for 2022:

“This year’s celebration of the cheeseburger was special for the participants and the community,” said Pasadena Chamber CEO Paul Little. “Customers flocked to old favorites and new venues for some tasty fun. Cheeseburger Week is just plain delicious.”

For address, menu and other information visit Look for Pasadena Restaurant Week coming May 5th  to May 10th, 2019.

Cheeseburger Week is a Pasadena Restaurant Week and California Restaurant Month event presented by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.