Cheeseburger Challenge Results

2021 Cheeseburger Challenge Results Announced

1365 People Voted for their Favorite in 11 Burger-Related Categories

Announcement is Culmination of Cheeseburger Week Celebration


Pasadena’s celebration of Cheeseburger Week® in Pasadena ended on Friday, January 29, 2021. As part of the celebration patrons could take the Cheeseburger Challenge® and vote online for their favorites in eleven different burger categories. Restaurants taking part could enter in two categories of their choosing, from who serves your favorite traditional cheeseburger to who serves your favorite alternative burger. Every restaurant participating is entered in the What is Your Favorite Place to Go For a Cheeseburger category.

For 2021, by the slimmest of margins, The Strand was voted Favorite Place to Go for a Cheeseburger, with 25% of the vote. Dog Haus and Dog Haus Biergarten received 24% of the votes with Pie ‘n Burger taking third place with 9% of the vote.

Here are the top vote getters in each category:

  • Favorite Place to Go for a Burger:
    1. The Stand 25%
    2. Dog Haus/Dog Haus Biergarten 24%
    3. Pie ‘n Burger 9%
  • Favorite Innovative Burger
    1. The Stand 38%
    2. Umami Burger 17%
    3. Kings Row Gastropub 16%
  • Favorite Lunch Counter Burger
    1. Pie ‘n Burger 51%
    2. The Counter 30%
    3. The Pan 9%
  • Favorite Traditional Burger
    1. Pie ‘n Burger 43%
    2. Clearman’s Galley 34%
    3. Cindy’s 14%
  • Favorite Sliders
    1. Dog Haus/Dog Haus Biergarten 43%
    2. Kings Row Gastropub 27%
    3. Foothill 12%
  • Favorite Veggie Burger
    1. The Stand 42%
    2. Umami Burger 19%
    3. Clearman’s Galley 13%
  • Favorite Gourment Burger
    1. Dog haus/DogHaus Biergarten 34%
    2. The Raymond 1886 32%
    3. Umami Burger/Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse (tie) 11%
  • Favorite Alternative Burger
    1. Umami Burger 25%
    2. The Counter 19%
    3. True Food Kitchen 13%
  • Favorite Turkey Burger
    1. True Food Kitchen 39%
    2. Barney’s beanery 31%
    3. Kathleen’s Restaurant 24%
  • Favorite White Table Cloth Burger
    1. The Raymond 1886 42%
    2. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse 41%
    3. Mi Piace 17%
  • Favorite Dessert After a Cheeseburger
    1. Pie ‘n  Burger 33%
    2. Stonefire Grill 22%
    3. Cindy’s Restaurant 9%

Voting in the Cheeseburger Challenge® is done online and does not require proof that patrons sampled all the entries. “We ask people to vote for their favorites because enjoying cheeseburgers is a matter of personal taste so can’t honestly try to determine whose burger is best,” said Paul Little, president and CEO of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, the event organizer. “Cheeseburger Week® is intended to be a fun event that brings attention to the wide variety of offerings and creativity of our local restaurants. From traditional burger restaurants to fine dining establishments, I am very pleased that our participants bring their best to the table for Cheeseburger Week® in Pasadena.”

During Cheeseburger Week from January 24th to January 29th, Pasadena honored Lionel Sternberger's genius in being the first to put cheese on a hamburger and serve it at the Rite Spot in Pasadena in 1924. Three dozen of Pasadena's favorite restaurants, lounges and burger joints offered their signature burgers, some special creations and great deals during Pasadena Cheeseburger Week. 

Here are the participants for 2021:

Cheeseburger Week is a Pasadena Restaurant Week and California Restaurant Month event presented by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. Cheeseburger Week is generously sponsored by Wells Fargo.