Cheeseburger Challenge Results


1,299 voters chose their favorites in multiple categories during 

2024 Cheeseburger Week® in Pasadena

Cheeseburger Week® in Pasadena ended at 11:59pm on Saturday, January 27th. Delicious burgers and very special selections were tasted by people from throughout Southern California. Some visited old favorites and some tried a new venue. 

“Cheeseburger Week® is always great fun,” said Pasadena Chamber President and CEO Paul Little. “I enjoyed burgers from Lucky Baldwin’s, Dog Haus, New York Chicken and Gyros, Clearman’s Galley, El Portal, The Stand and the Royce at the Langham Huntington Hotel. It may not have been great for my waistline but my tastebuds were delighted.”

1,299 people voted for theirr favorites in the 2024 Cheeseburger Challenge®. Not everyone voted in each category and in some categories there were fewer entries.

“We added a Favotire Burger Created Specially for Cheeseburger Week® this year. We also had categories that were not strictly burgers again this year, such as Favorite Alternative to a Burger and Favorite Burrito,” said Mr. Little.  “Our goal is to involve as many restaurants and possible and introduce potential new customers to their offerings.”  

Pasadena celebrated all things cheeseburger during Cheeseburger Week® January 21st to 27th. Visitors enjoyed food created especially for the event, took advantage of great deals and meals, followed cheeseburger crawls and voted in the 2024 Cheeseburger Challenge®. In all, 1299 people voted online in the challenge to determine favorites in categories ranging from Favorite Burger to Favorite Dessert after a Burger. For the first time, the Pasadena Chamber introduced a Cheeseburger Passport with prizes given to those visiting at least for participating restaurants. 

Here are the complete Cheeseburger Challenge® results:

Favorite Burger:

  1. Dog Haus/Dog Haur Biergarten: 29%

  2. The Stand 23%

  3. Clearman’s Galley/Clearman’s Northwoods Inn: 16% each

Favorite Burger Created for Cheeseburger Week: 

  1. Twohey’s 33%

  2. Lucky Baldwin’s 31%

  3. Tie El Portal/Yahaira’s and The Royce Wood Fired Steakhouse at the Langham 12%

Favorite Lunch Counter Burger:

  1. Pie ‘n Burger 52%

  2. Brookside Golf Club 9%

  3. Tie: Cindy’s Diner/Fox’s Restaurant 8% each

Favorite Traditional/Throwback Cheeseburger:

  1. The Stand 23%

  2. Dog Haus/Dog Haus Biergarten 18%

  3. In ‘n Out 17%

Favorite Sliders:

  1. Dog Haus/Dog Haus Biergarten 33%

  2. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar 10%

  3. Tie Lucky Baldwin’s/Twohey’s 8%

Favorite Gourmet Burger:

  1. Dog Haus/Dog Haus Biergarten 44%

  2. The Stand 31%

  3. Tie Craft by Smoke and Fire/Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Win Bar 7%

Favorite Alternative Burger:

  1. Chick-fil-A 22%

  2. Pasadena Sandwich Company 17%

  3. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles 15%

Favorite Bar Burger:

  1. DogHaus Biergarten 26%

  2. Clearman’s Galley 21%

  3. Tie Granville/Ruth’s Chris Steak House 8% each

Favorite Turkey Burger:

  1. Clearman’s Galley 28%

  2. Urth Café 23%

  3. Barney’s Beanery 21%

Favorite White Table Cloth Burger:

  1. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar 22%

  2. The Raymond 1886 13%

  3. The Royce Wood Fired Steakhouse at the Langham 12%

Favorite Veggie/Vegan Burger:

  1. The Stand 19%

  2. True Food Kitchen 11%

  3. Tie: Sage Plant Based Bistro/Twohey’s 11% each

Favorite Burrito

  1. El Cholo 29%

  2. El Portal 21%

  3. Burrito Express 20%

Favorite Dessert After a Burger:

  1. Pie ‘n Burger 26%

  2. Twohey’s 18%

  3. The Great Maple 16% 

Every restaurant was entered in the Favorite Cheeseburger category. Restaurants could then enter themselves in as many as three additional categories in the 2024 Cheeseburger Challenge®. 

“We really appreciate all the restaurants that took part, especially those that had special offerings or pricing. Participating restaurants reported an uptick in burger business throughout the week,” said Mr. Little.” Thank you to everyone who enjoyed a cheeseburger and voted in this year’s Cheeseburger Challenge®.

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Cheeseburger Week is a Pasadena Restaurant Week and California Restaurant Month event presented by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. Cheeseburger Week is generously sponsored by Wells Fargo.

Cheeseburger Week® and Cheeseburger Challenge® are registered trademarks of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Civic Association.